Introducing Gordon M. Baker

Hello, yes, that’s me. Gordon M. Baker. Very young people may call me Mr. Gordon. For others, Gordon will do just fine. (Except for my beautiful wife Tricia – she calls me all sorts of nice things.)

I guess the first thing to know about me is that I’m a Christian. That’s right, of the accept-Jesus-as-your-Lord-and-Savior kind. Though I don’t like that way of describing what it means to be a Christian. I think it’s an over-worn phrase, that doesn’t get to the heart of what being a Christian means. So there’s a teaser for another blog!

Yes, I hope to keep these going about weekly. Looking forward to mutually engaging you folks out there!

I mentioned Tricia. We also live not too far from our wonderful daughter Jacqui, and her smart, amazing son Tyler. Sadly enough, it’s a much bigger hop to our very special son Gareth – he lives in Australia.

My job? I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in the State of Connecticut. I work mostly with couples, though I have individual clients too. I have some special training in sexuality, so combining these strands, you can understand that I’m passionate about God’s design for romance, marriage and sex. Wow, more blogs about all this!

Which brings me to the event that precipitated my blogging. I just published a book! Yes, a novel, set in my native land of New Zealand. It’s called A Thousand Tears from Home.The tale begins about the end of WWII, so it’s a bit olde worlde - a glimpse of the past that reaches out to the present. A story that includes romance, and, as the title suggests, bitter tears. Those who have read it so far have given it lots of praise.

So probably more blogs about the novel. My, I’m going to be busy!


Gordon M. Baker