A Tale of Two Cars

On Friday I was driving to East Hartford. It was raining, and road spray kicked up from US Interstate 84 mingled with the rain. Some vehicle incident had occurred up ahead, and cars were stopped on the highway. You don’t expect to find vehicles stopped dead still on that bit of highway. I didn’t notice in time. My tires made impressive noises on the wet road as the wheels locked, but I could see I wouldn’t stop in time. Lanes were full of traffic, so there was nowhere to go.

I was probably travelling at less than 15 mph. at impact, but it was enough. Fortunately, neither I nor the driver of the other car were hurt, but the hood of my Dodge Caravan was crumpled, the radiator was pushed back, body panels and headlights were awry. A newer car would have been worth repairing, but not this venerable conveyance. It was a write-off.

So the last two days have been a whirl of insurance, rental car, disposal of a wreck, finding replacement transport, DMV. Where do you go to find a car, as reliable as $1500 or so will buy? You pray! And so do your friends.

Well, I found one. At least I’m trusting it will be satisfactory. A little Civic del sol. Rather old, but only 68,000 miles, and no rust! Rather different from my Caravan – much lower to the road!

Actually, I have known for some time that the days of my faithful car were numbered. It was needing repairs well beyond its value. So I had been praying, “Lord, if this car breaks down today, how will I respond? Will I be overcome with anxiety? Will I be able to pray in a spirit of worship and gratitude, as Paul teaches the Christians at Philippi?”

Well, it wasn’t quite as I imagined it might be, but yes, there was gratitude, even some worship, and not too much fear or anxiety. Not to my credit, but in answer to those prayers. So I am grateful for that.

By the way, the Hartford policemen who attended the accident were professional, courteous, helpful. If either of them happen to read this, “Thank you!”