Marriage, Sexuality and the Family.

The Breakpoint Daily posted on December 26, 2018 begins with these words

 As we approach the new year, we wanted to take a look back at 2018 with some of the best and most-viewed BreakPoint commentaries on the issues of marriage, sexuality, and the family.

Yes, it strikes a chord with me when issues of marriage, sexuality and the family are among the most-viewed issues of Breakpoint. I’m a marriage and family therapist. I care deeply about the restoration of marriage, sex, and the family, all of which have been heavily besieged for … for how long? In one way or another, since Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden. There have been bright spots since then, like The Song of Songs, or Paul’s surprising words on marriage, but on the whole, God’s people have not done a good job of both guarding and celebrating this package. Yes, I said “celebrating”. Knowing the interplay of modesty and abandonment.

BUT – we live in exciting times. Personally, I’m excited about A Thousand Tears from Home, a story that celebrates renewed vision of how marriage and sex can begin to embrace all the promise God intended for them. Stories are powerful. I’m humbled and grateful to see this story shining a new glimmer of light in a very dark world.

And it is a dark world. As mentioned, marriage, sexuality and the family have been tossed hither and yon throughout all history, but never more so than in the 21st Century. Yet at the darkest times, new and beautiful points of light appear. Besides A Thousand Tears from Home, other writers, like Eric and Leslie Ludy, and many others, along with my alma mater represent a renewal of insight that may be unprecedented since the dawn of time. Is that exciting or what?