The Power of Story

Stories are powerful. I’m thinking mostly of written prose stories, though theater, movies and poetry can touch us in deep ways too. I know therapists who regularly use movie clips in therapy sessions.

Sally Lloyd Jones, talking to Charles Morris on A Haven Today, once commented, “If it’s not a love story, it doesn’t have the power to change your life.” (Her use of ‘love story’ included, but was not limited to, romantic love.)

On the back cover of my new novel, ‘A Thousand Tears from Home’, I mentioned the need for stories that inspire and raise vision. I recently made a new video clip about what energizes me, citing the need for poignant stories that distill truth into our hearts.

In Breakpoint on November 29, John Stonestreet and Warren Cole Smith showcased Madeline L’Engel and C. S. Lewis, story-tellers who shared the same birthday. Their theme was the power of story.

It seems this motif is all around us just now.

The Breakpoint included this quote from Andrew Peterson:-

 “If you want someone to know the truth, you tell them. If you want someone to love the truth, you tell them a story.”

 Wow. That is my experience. And that is me – I too am a story-teller. I am grateful.