Beckoning or Jabbing?

My church is participating in an initiative to begin 2019 with 21 Days of Prayer. We each have a booklet that gives for each day a Bible verse, some commentary, and a few questions to meditate on. I’m finding that the Bible verse each day beckons to me. It finds a place in my heart. But the commentary tends to be brittle. It jabs at me.

Am I a beckoner, or a jabber? Maybe I’m sensitive about the brittleness of the commentary because there’s still much about me that is brittle.

Each day, the first question in the booklet is, “What am I Learning?” Today my response is that I’m learning to beckon, like Jesus does. Not to poke, to push, to jab.

I so wish I’d been more aware of the ways Jesus has beckoned me over the years. More aware of all he wanted me to understand. What if you had done more jabbing and jolting Jesus? Would I have taken notice?

He did give me a serious jab once. Very serious, and very necessary. I think I responded well, though I needed many more years of beckoning and coaxing. And I’m still so in need of his constant, glad invitation to deeper trust in him.