What God Said To Me This Morning.

As I drive to work, I’m usually listening to a local Christian radio station. One feature of the morning program each weekday is a Hymn Classic. Some hymn, beloved by generations, is described and played.

This morning’s selection was a relatively recent ‘classic’ released in the early nineties by a well-known song writer and singer.  It’s not one of my favorites, though that might say more about me than it does about the song. However that may be, the word that came to mind as I listened was ‘sentimental’. I thought the song too sentimental for my taste.

Which is fine. It’s OK for me to have that opinion. But the Holy Spirit gave me a nudge. I realized there was an attitude lurking under that thought. One of those attitudes that doesn’t come to the mind as a fully formed thought. You don’t put words to it until you stop to pay attention. And when you do take notice, and put words to the deeper thought, you are embarrassed.

As I put words to my underlying attitude this morning, it sounded something like this. “We sophisticated people, we know when a song is too sentimental. So we give a small, indulgent smile, and allow all those less sophisticated people to like this song if they want to.”

Ouch! Thank you Lord, for revealing something of my heart this morning.