“A moving novel.”

I would recommend this book to anyone who longs to read on God’s providence and orchestration. Moving, profound, and incredibly written are all encapsulated skillfully within this book.

— Jared Ravizza, CEO of Oregon Omega

“Exceptional writer.”

Gordon is an incredible author with a gift to communicate such a story with passion and effectiveness. This story is one that will impact lives.

— Jason C. Ravizza, CEO of Abba Father Media


A Thousand Tears from Home is a moving story about allowing God to orchestrate ones love story. It’s so important to allow God to have the lead over all aspects of your life. The story is truly impactful, and is a must read for anyone who is single, dating, or married.” — Hannah Trelegan, CEO of Hannah Noelle Publishing

— Hannah Trelegan, CEO of Hannah Noelle Publishing & Teen Model